SMS Kuching Utara (SAKURA), Sarawak

SMS Kuching Utara (SAKURA)
SMS Kuching Utara (SAKURA)

Do you miss your old school? Lets stalk SMS Kuching Utara (SAKURA), Sarawak

Briefly this school is really awesome. Teachers, students and the enviroment are just too good to be there. It is hoped that this SMS Kuching Utara (SAKURA) information will be useful for all.

Full Boarding School (SBP) is a group of primary schools dedicated to students who have excellent results in UPSR and PT3.

All boarding schools are the same and open to all Malaysians except SBP Premier, SBPI and SMAP. Roughly 90% is for bumiputera students while another 10% is for non-bumiputera students.


Lot 2666, Lor Matang Jaya 6A10, Petra Jaya, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia


+6 082-646540





In full-time boarding schools are arranged by the school and every student is required to adhere to the schedule. This is a uniqueness of boarding school life as compared to the lives of students in regular school days.

Hopefully this list of Fully Residential Schools helps you to choose the best location to facilitate your child’s education.

SMS Kuching Utara (SAKURA) is a school listed in the Sarawak State Education Department Directory. This school is part of 69 of the total SBP schools in this Malaysia.