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We are the largest and well-established Malaysian-owned company involved in wholesaling and retailing

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MYDIN business activity is in retailing and wholesaling. The products range from food line, household, soft-lines and hard-lines items. Hard-line products include hardware, electrical, stationery, porcelain and toys. Whilst soft-line comprises of textiles and fabrics products. Food line includes confectionery, drinks and beverages, delicatessen and dairy products. In their early years of operations, MYDIN’s focus has always been in the non-food sector until they bought over the first supermarket in Selayang in 1997.

Each of the branches has their own business category, based on the capacity of goods traded. The category comprises hypermarket, emporium, minimarket, convenience shop, franchise store and bazaar. Currently, MYDIN operates more than 90 outlets nationwide inclusive of 18 hypermarkets, 16 emporiums, 3 bazaars, 47 minimarkets (MyMydin), 8 convenience shops (MyMart) and 6 franchise outlets (Mydin Mart). Each of the hypermarkets is located in MYDIN Mall.

Above all, MYDIN operates its business based on ‘Halal’ concepts and stresses on honesty, sincerity and good discipline in all aspects of its business.


1, Jalan Engku Muda Mansor, Kampung Pancur, 26600 Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia.


+6 09-422 8832



We are currently operating 9 business models namely hypermarket, emporium, 24 hours convenience store, mini market, bazaar, mall complex, no-frills mini market, premium supermarket and premium restaurant. With more than 300 outlets across Malaysia,

MYDIN Pekan operates its business based on the ‘Halal’ concept. Always provide the best value for a wide range of goods for budget-conscious consumers.


Several goods are cheaper if compared to other supermarkets. For certain items, if you buy in bulk, you get to save more. A good place for some quick shopping.. adequate parking available to visitors

Mydin is the largest and most well established Malaysian retailorganisation with more than 94 outlets operating nationwide comprising wholesale markets, hypermarkets, mini markets, 24-hour convenience stores and a francise chain of emporiums. Very comfortable place for super shop. All your daily needs here. Come grab exiting promotion.


MYDIN was founded in 1918 by Gulam Husen Jamal, father to Mydin Mohamed in Penang. Their first hawker business was started on 1940. However, the shop was burnt down as a result of World War II and the family lost everything. But with strong determination, perseverance and faith has made his children, Mydin Mohamed, to continue the trades of wholesaling.

In 1957, he opened his first shop which was a small wooden shop named Syarikat Mydin Mohamed in Jalan Tok Hakim, Kota Bharu, Kelantan by selling toys and general merchandise with his own hard-earned money. With the help of his immediate sons, the business spreads its operations to Kuala Terengganu in 1979 and later made their presences in Klang Valley at Jalan Masjid India in 1989. From then on MYDIN has grown steadily. With its vision to be the world’s leading distributor of competitive halal-goods and services in Malaysia, it is now known as MYDIN Mohamed Holdings Berhad.

In 2011, MYDIN, along with other major hypermarkets such as Tesco and Carrefour participated in the TUKAR program under the Economic Transformation Program. The program is aimed to transform 100 selected sundry shops into modern mini marts. The company is responsible for training the shops and providing assistance after transforming as mini marts along with Tesco. In July 2013, MYDIN’s then ventured into the high-end retailing with the opening of the first SAM’s Groceria outlet at the Gurney Paragon in Penang in July 2013. SAM affectionately stands for Saya Anak Malaysia (I am Malaysian).

As of January 2015, there are 267 outlets nationwide which include 18 hypermarkets, 16 emporiums, 3 bazaars, 47 mini-marts that operate as MyMydin, 8 convenience stores that operate as MyMart and 6 franchise outlets operating as Mydin Mart, 7 premium grocery store known as SAM’s Groceria, 2 premium F&B store known as SAM’s Deli and 162 Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M).


  1. Founder and Chairman of MYDIN is the late Father Mydin Mohamed Bin Gulam Husain.
  2. 1957: MYDIN’s business starts with a board shop located at Old Post Office Road, Kota Baharu, Kelantan.
  3. 1979: 22 years later, MYDIN has successfully opened its second branch in Kampung Bukit Cina, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu.
  4. 1987: The first MYDIN branch in the Klang Valley located at Jalan Masjid India was opened.
  5. 2006: MYDIN USJ Subang Jaya, Selangor is the first MYDIN hypermarket and opened on 18 August 2006.
  6. 2013: MYDIN has been leading Premium Mini & Restaurant Mini, known as Sam’s Groceria and Sam’s Deli on July 23.
  7. 2016: Opening of MYDIN Samariang, Sarawak on 26 August.
  8. 2017: Currently there are 322 MYDIN branches throughout Malaysia.