J&W Car Rental


You will not find peace of mind by allowing others to manage your life for yourself.

We put J&W Car Rental in our car rental directory to give you the opportunity to meet your needs.


J&W CAR RENTAL was first conceptualized and opened its door for business in 2005 as and alternative to the then existing car rental companies.

We venture into this business because we know what is best  for you. All of us at J&W CAR RENTAL invite you to come and experience just how great a car rental can be.  We are an independent car rental agency, licensed by the Ministry Of Tourism Malaysia, ( license num KPL/LN 4418) we have grown our outstanding reputation not through flashy advertising, but rather through superior customer satisfaction.

We assure you an easy and hassle free car rental with no hidden cost, while working very hard to give you the best possible price.

Rent with J&W CAR RENTAL today, we will welcome you with a very friendliest of hand shake and make your money worth the journey.

J&W Car Rental

Arrival Hall, Lot C 108, Public Concourse,Sultan Ismail Petra Airport,
Pengkalan Chepa, 16100 Kota Bharu, Kelantan., Malaysia
+6  09-773 7312 / 012-9888 766

Getting there

By air

Once you’ve reached Sultan Ismail Petra Airport, on your way out  from the arrival hall,  just before the exit, you will notice rows of counter on your right.

If you observed properly you’ll notice our dedicated staff trying their very best  to get noticed, most of the time they’ll be wearing their official orange coloured uniform at the back of our counter ( J&W Car Rental).

Please walk up to our counter and I’m sure you’ll be welcomed with a warm and friendliest of handshake.

By train

If you arrived by train, its best if you stop at Wakaf Bharu Station. From there on you can hop in on a cab to get to the Airport.(You can get a taxi coupon at the Taxi counter)

For your convenient and to avoid valuable time wasted, it’s best if you placed your booking in advance and request for the vehicle to be delivered at the train station, at an extra Rm15.

Rental Rates