Hospital Seberang Jaya

Hospital Seberang Jaya
Hospital Seberang Jaya

Hospital Seberang Jaya is a government hospital located Perai, Pulau Pinang….

Hospital Seberang Jaya provides medical services to all communities in the state and surrounding areas to ensure the health of the community is enhanced and the delivery of information is channeled more effectively.

This is in line with its objective of this hospital as an excellent health care center.


Hospital Seberang Jaya, Jalan Tun Hussein Onn, 13700 Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.


+6 04-3827333


04-3970 754


[email protected]




Hospital Seberang Jaya set up for help an individual achieve and maintain a health standard to enable him to carry out productive economic and social life

This can be achieved by providing efficient, effective and effective treatment, rehabilitation, treatment and rehabilitation services with emphasis on underprivileged groups.


Hospital Seberang Jaya is a hospital built based on the concept of the Nuclear Hospital. Started operations on 01 April 1995 and inaugurated by former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad on 21 April 1995.

Hospital Seberang Jaya is a rooted reference hospital that provides training and learning services. To date, HSJ has expertise in Traumatology, General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedic, Anesthesiology, Nephrology, Pediatric, Diagnostic Pathology and Imaging.

The services are further strengthened by other support units such as the Department of Management, the Pharmacy Department, the Department of Rehabilitation, the Department of Dentistry and Dietetics, Quality Unit, Forensic Unit, Medical Social Work Unit, Health Education Unit, Medical Record Unit, Medical Supervisor and Nursing Supervisor.

For improvement to provide the best service to the community, the Multi-Storey project was approved through the RMK10 allocation to the hospital with the addition of 314 to 630 beds. Hopefully with the construction of this new project, the quality of service can be enhanced for the convenience of all parties, both internal and external customers.



  • Each patient will be given optimal medical treatment and quality.
  • Each patient requiring special treatment not available at this hospital will be referred to another appropriate hospital.
  • Every patient will be well-mannered, thoughtful, respectful, courteous, honest and sincere in a loving atmosphere.
  • Each patient is assured that his or her dignity will be preserved when receiving treatment.
  • All information about the patient and the treatment will be kept confidential and can only be informed to certain parties with their consent subject to law.
  • Each patient will be given a clear explanation of the proposed procedures and treatments including risks and other options



  • Become a superior and quality hospital in the area of expertise and basic care.
  • Produce loving, professional and team members in realizing excellent work culture.
  • Provides training facilities, skills and career development to members to ensure continuous development and quality services.
  • Provide medical expertise to the community in line with the latest medical technology.
  • Always respect customer rights.


Providing optimum service in a caring manner.


  • To provide efficient, effective and quality diagnostic, curative, rehabilitative, preventive and health promotion sevices.
  • With emphasis on caring, professionalisme, and team work.
  • Respecting patient’s right.


Services available at Hospital Seberang Jaya include:

Clinical Support

• Dietetic and Meals Department
• Department of Pharmacy
• Medical Social Work Unit
• Pathology Unit
• Occupational Rehabilitation Unit
• Health Education Unit
• Imaging and Diagnostic Unit
• Medical Records Unit
• Physiotherapy Unit
• Optometry Unit

Non-Clinical Support

• Administration Unit
• Information Technology Unit
• Quality Unit
• Security Unit
• Revenue Unit

Directorate of Surgery

• Department of Orthopedic
• Department of Anaestiology
• Emergency Department and Trauma

Medical Directorate

• Department of Medicine
• Haemodialysis department

Directorate of Women and Children

• Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
• Department of Pediatrics