Hospital Pulau Pinang

Hospital Pulau Pinang
Hospital Pulau Pinang

Hospital Pulau Pinang is a government hospital located in Pulau Pinang……

Hospital Pulau Pinang provides medical services to all communities in the state and surrounding areas to ensure the health of the community is enhanced and the delivery of information is channeled more effectively.

This is in line with its objective of this hospital as an excellent health care center.


Hospital Pulau Pinang, Jalan Residensi, 10990 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.


+6 04-2293333 ext. 256/259




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Hospital Pulau Pinang set up for help an individual achieve and maintain a health standard to enable him to carry out productive economic and social life

This can be achieved by providing efficient, effective and effective treatment, rehabilitation, treatment and rehabilitation services with emphasis on underprivileged groups.


The Penang General Hospital is the main public hospital in the city of George Town in Penang, Malaysia. The largest public hospital in Penang, it also serves as the reference hospital within northern Malaysia.

The hospital had its origins as a medical centre founded in 1854 for the poor and opium addicts.The hospital land was given to the British Malaya government in 1882 for them to construct a hospital.

In 1930, the nurse dormitory was constructed. In 1935, block A and block C of the hospital were constructed. In 1939, the maternity hospital was constructed. In 1989, the central administration center blocks were constructed.

Hospital Pulau Pinang is among the first health care facilities in Malaya held since 1812. It is the second largest government hospital in the country with a total of over 1000 beds. The main role of this hospital is to provide health care services, clinical & clinical research training.

Hospital Pulau Pinang offers outpatient clinical services for general, 15 secondary skills, tertiary skills 34 and 16 clinical support services. For outpatient treatment, HPP has 31 clinics, EMTS, rehab therapy, clinical support, 6 operating theaters, day care centers, hemodialysis and CAPD.

For patients, there were 36 wards various classes and disciplines, 7 ICU wards, 17 operating theaters, a surgical HDW and O & G HDA.

HPP also act as a central reference point tertiary clinical services to the northern region. Penang Hospital has been recognized by the Ministry of Health Malaysia as a center for clinical excellence in the field of plastic & reconstructive surgery, cardiology, cardiothoracic and nuclear medicine.



We promise to provide professional, safe, friendly, caring and quality services.

  1. We will prioritize critical and partial critical cases in the Emergency and Trauma Department with waiting times as follows: –
  • All critical cases (Red Zone) are treated immediately
  • All critical partial cases (Yellow Zone) are treated within 15 minutes
  • Other cases (Green Zone) will be seen according to the patient’s priority

2. Outpatient Clinic Services and Expert Clinic will be provided on the basis of the condition and / or the patient’s condition. Priority will be given to children, pregnant women, senior citizens and people with disabilities.
3. Information will be provided to customers regarding illness and care.
4. The confidentiality of personal information, illness and care given to the patient is guaranteed.
5. Clean, comfortable and secure facilities and environment are available.



Hospital Pulau Pinang will be an excellent medical institution in every aspect of tertiary healthcare and care in the Northern Region, peninsular Malaysia.


Hospital Pulau Pinang will provide efficient, effective and quality curative, diagnostic and rehabilitation treatment services with emphasis on training and research, development and corporate culture values applied to every layer of healthcare professionals.


To ensure the achievement of vision and mission, Penang Hospital has outlined several specific strategies:

  • Providing effective promotive, preventive, diagnostic, curative & rehabilitative services.
  • Provides services that practice corporate culture values at all times.
  • Enhanced optimum use of existing infrastructure and energy resources.
  • Improve the quality of management in all departments.
  • Carry out all the Ministry of Health’s quality improvement activities continuously.
  • Conduct ongoing training and research activities.
  • Encourage the participation and engagement of communities and individuals in the healthcare process.
  • Provide a comfortable environment to all customers who deal with hospitals.


Services available at Hospital Pulau Pinang include:

Clinical Support

• Dietetic and Meals Department
• Department of Pharmacy
• Medical Social Work Unit
• Pathology Unit
• Occupational Rehabilitation Unit
• Health Education Unit
• Imaging and Diagnostic Unit
• Medical Records Unit
• Physiotherapy Unit
• Optometry Unit

Non-Clinical Support

• Administration Unit
• Information Technology Unit
• Quality Unit
• Security Unit
• Revenue Unit

Directorate of Surgery

• Department of Orthopedic
• Department of Anaestiology
• Emergency Department and Trauma

Medical Directorate

• Department of Medicine
• Haemodialysis department

Directorate of Women and Children

• Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
• Department of Pediatrics