Hospital Pitas

Hospital Pitas
Hospital Pitas

Hospital Pitas is a government hospital located in Pitas, Sabah….

Hospital Pitas provides medical services to all communities in the state and surrounding areas to ensure the health of the community is enhanced and the delivery of information is channeled more effectively.

This is in line with its objective of this hospital as an excellent health care center.


Hospital Pitas, Peti Surat 88, 89100 Pitas, Sabah, Malaysia.


+6 088-676100




[email protected]




Hospital Pitas set up for help an individual achieve and maintain a health standard to enable him to carry out productive economic and social life

This can be achieved by providing efficient, effective and effective treatment, rehabilitation, treatment and rehabilitation services with emphasis on underprivileged groups.


The history of health and wellness in the Pitas district has undergone many changes with the onset of the first Kelumpang Health Clinic in 1983, which was then placed in a building, formerly administered Party “Berjaya” Party.

The health clinic was then transferred to the new town of Pitas in 1993 and upgraded as Kelumpang Health Center. In June 2001, Hospital Pitas started construction with a total area of 10.5 hectares and was completed on 30 June 2005.

Hospital Pitas can accommodate the presence of patients comprising 5 health clinics and 8 nearby clinics.



We promise to provide professional, safe, friendly, caring and quality services.

  • We will prioritize critical and semi-critical cases at the Emergency and Trauma Department with the following waiting times:

– All critical cases (Red Zone) are treated immediately.
– All critical partial cases (Yellow Zone) are treated within 15 minutes.
– Other cases (Green Zone) will be seen according to the patient’s priority.

  • Outpatient Clinic Services and Expert Clinic will be given by turn and / or patient condition. Priority will be given to children, pregnant women, senior citizens and people with disabilities.
  • Information will be provided to customers regarding illness and care.
  • The confidentiality of personal information, illness and care provided to patients is guaranteed.
  • Clean, comfortable and secure facilities and environment are available.



  • Hospital Pitas provides quality medical and health care facilities to the community efficiently, effectively and transparently based on the principles of the Corporate Culture of the Ministry of Health Malaysia.


  • Hospital Pitas is Malaysia’s excellent and high quality healthcare and care center.


Hospital Pitas will work
• enhancing the health of individuals, families and communities,
• based on quality medical services,
• through trained, skilled, committed, innovative, proactive and caring staff,
• based on current medical practices and guidelines,
• use relevant and current medical technology and,
• promoting community involvement towards the best quality improvement


Services available at Hospital Pitas included:

Clinical Services

  • Outpatient Department
  • Trauma & Emergency Unit
  • Operation Theatre
  • Maternity Hall
  • Children ward
  • Female Wad
  • Men’s Ward
  • Hemodialysis unit

Clinical Support Services

  • Nursing UnitPharmacy
  • Unit & Medical Store
  • Pathology Unit & Blood Fund
  • X-Ray unit
  • Department of Rehabilitation
  • Dish Unit
  • Record Unit
  • Medical Social Work Unit (Welfare)
  • CSSU Unit
  • RSS Feed

Non-Clinical Services

  • Administration Unit
  • Director’s Office
  • Service Unit
  • financial unit
  • Quality Unit
  • ICT unit
  • Assets Unit
  • Training Unit