Hospital Kanowit

Hospital Kanowit
Hospital Kanowit

Hospital Kanowit is a government hospital located in Kanowit, Sarawak….

Hospital Kanowit provides medical services to all communities in the state and surrounding areas to ensure the health of the community is enhanced and the delivery of information is channeled more effectively.

This is in line with its objective of this hospital as an excellent health care center.


Hospital Kanowit, Jalan Kanowit/Durin, 96700 Kanowit, Sarawak, Malaysia.


+6 084 752333


+6 084 752682


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Hospital Kanowit set up for help an individual achieve and maintain a health standard to enable him to carry out productive economic and social life

This can be achieved by providing efficient, effective and effective treatment, rehabilitation, treatment and rehabilitation services with emphasis on underprivileged groups.


Hospital Kanowit was built in 1982 and started operating on 16.2.1984
During the year, the Kanowit hospital only had 182 staff members.

Hospital Kanowit provides health services to residents living in remote areas, longhouses and villages which are included in the Hospital Kanowit operating area.

Hospital Kanowit also receives referral cases from clinics as well as nearby health centers. Generally diagnosis and early treatment of medicines are administered by Medical Officers. For cases requiring specialist treatment will be referred to Sibu Hospital and Sarawak General Hospital.



Staff Responsibilities:

  • Hospital staff should be ethical in carrying out their duties
  • The spirit of teamwork and collaboration among employees should be applied to every Hospital staff.
  • Ensure that patients receive quality and appropriate medical services.
  • Clear description of the patient regarding the proposed treatment procedures as well as the risks involved.
  • Patients requiring special medical attention will be referred to the specialist hospital / clinic.

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Treatment rules and procedures available at Kanowit Hospital should be adhered to
    so that the business can run smoothly and effectively


  1. Enhance and maintain high levels of health through quality, effective and continuous prevention, care and rehabilitation.
  2. Provide efficient, friendly and courteous service and emphasize customer rights and security.
  3. Provide continuous medical training and learning to medical personnel for the highest quality of service.


Services available at Hospital Kanowit included:

Clinical Services

• Emergency Unit
• Department of Pharmacy
• Medical Social Work Unit
• Pathology Unit
• Hemodialysis Services
• Occupational Rehabilitation Unit
• Health Education Unit
• Imaging and Diagnostic Unit
• Physiotherapy Unit

 Non-Clinical Services

• Medical Record Unit
• Administration Unit
• Information Technology Unit