Hospital Bentong

Hospital Bentong
Hospital Bentong

Hospital Bentong is a government hospital located in Pahang….

Hospital Bentong provides medical services to all communities in the state and surrounding areas to ensure the health of the community is enhanced and the delivery of information is channeled more effectively.


Hospital Bentong, Jalan Tras, Darul Makmur, 28700 Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia.


+6 09-222 3333


09 – 222 4494


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To assist an individual in achieving and sustaining as well as maintaining a certain level of health status to further facilitate them in leading a productive lifestyle – economically and socially.

This could be materialised by introducing or providing a promotional and preventive approaches, other than an efficient treatment and rehabilitation services, which is suitable and effective, whilst priorities on the lessfortunate groups.

The Hospital is a 152 beds hospital and it is a non-specialist district hospital providing outpatient services and inpatient services.


Bentong Hospital is one of 11 hospitals in Pahang. It started operating in the 1920s. The Bentong district has a population of approximately 119,000 people. The outpatient department was officially launched by KDYMM Sultan Pahang on June 30, 1966 and it is 7.8 acres. Led by Dr Kamariah Binti Ghazali.

Bentong Hospital is committed to providing the best quality services to all its customers / patients. It is in line with the Ministry of Health Malaysia’s motto; We are prepared to assist

Established in the heart of Bentong city center. The hospital has achieved numerous awards and achievements. Among them the 2nd Secretary of Quality Award for the Chief Secretary to the State (AKKSN) 2nd place in 2005, nominated as Finalist of the Prime Minister’s Quality Award 2005, Finalist candidate for the 2006 United Nation Public Service Award and the Commonwealth Ranking Innovation Award Finalist (C.A.P.A.M)



  • To Provide Best and High-Quality Services. Working As A Group That Always Strives and Elevates The Professionalism, Loyalty Levels To All The Community. Responsible For Quality, Innovation, Health And Organizational Promotion To Reach Health Vision Call For All In New Millennium.


  • To Become An Outstanding And Harmony Health Service Center, Unified Corporate Culture In Healthcare Care.


  • Enhancing the Implementation of a Systematic Health Service In Promoting Global Health For All To A Healthy And Productive Community.


Dear customers and our priorities, we will make full commitment to you as follows:

Out patient.

1. You will be enrolled, get a turn-by-turn and get medical treatment in tmph no more than 30 mint based on the KKM e-Masa program.

Estimated 10 minutes time per patient for the registration process as follows: –

Work Process: Waiting Time
Getting a Number Turn: 1 Minute
Obtaining the Card of Treatment: 5-7 Minutes
Treatment Process: 2 Minutes
Total = 10 Minutes (Maximum)

2. You will be registered for entry into the ward within 30 minutes.

3. You will be treated immediately if it is defined as a patient in an emergency category based on the TRIAGE istemic as follows: –

Waiting Code
YELLOW: 5-20 Minutes
GREEN: 30 Minutes – 120 Minutes
WHITE: Boundary to mortuary (Body / Mortuary)

4. You will be referred to another hospital as soon as possible if you require treatment at Bentong Hospital.

Internal Patients.

1. You will be placed in bed within 10 minutes of arrival in the ward.

2. You will be given an orientation and current service in the ward and checked by Medical Officer every day (for Psychiatric and Mental Health – when necessary).

3. You will be informed by the hospital 1 hour before discard (for Psychiatric and Mental Health – 1 day before discard).


Services available at Hospital Bentong included:

Clinical Services

• Diagnostic Imaging Unit
• Pathology Service Unit
• Pharmacy and Supply Unit
• Emergency Unit
• Physician Visit Clinic
• Haemodialysis Unit
• Inpatient Unit
• Physiotherapy Unit
• Out-patient Unit

Non-Clinical Services

• Medical Record Unit
• Administration Unit
• Information Technology Unit