Hospital Alor Gajah

Hospital Alor Gajah
Hospital Alor Gajah

Hospital Alor Gajah is a government hospital located in Alor Gajah, Melaka…

Hospital Alor Gajah provides medical services to all communities in the state and surrounding areas to ensure the health of the community is enhanced and the delivery of information is channeled more effectively.

This is in line with its objective of this hospital as an excellent health care center.


Hospital Alor Gajah, Hospital Kluster Melaka, Jalan Paya Datuk, 78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka, Malaysia.


+6 06-556 2333/5355/5350


+6 06-5565354


[email protected]


Waktu Melawat: Every day

12.30 pm – 2.00 pm 4.30 pm – 7.00 pm

Clinic Operation Time :

Monday Friday
8.00 am – 9.30 pm
Saturday Sunday
9.00 am – 1.00 pm   5.00 pm – 9.30 pm



Hospital Alor Gajah set up for help an individual achieve and maintain a health standard to enable him to carry out productive economic and social life

This can be achieved by providing efficient, effective and effective treatment, rehabilitation, treatment and rehabilitation services with emphasis on underprivileged groups.



1906 – Hospital Alor Gajah is built with a ward of 36 beds (6 for maternity ward and 30 for male patients) under the care of 3 doctors.
1934 – 66 antenatal cases have been reported to HAG and 41 births have been recorded.
1937 – HAG re-opened for chronic TB patients from Malacca Hospital and outpatient treatment.
1973 – June, TB placement ended and all TB patients were transferred to Mambau Dry Coal Center, Negeri Sembilan.
1998 – March 1, Maternity Ware begins operation with 9 beds.
2000 – March, Baby Partner Hospital Award. New staff quarters have been built in Paya Datok.
2002 – Certification of MS ISO 9002
2006 – Outpatient Department services are transferred under HAG responsibility. Modification of Outpatient Department. 100th anniversary of Alor Gajah Hospital.
2007 – The new hospital development in Paya Datok has been approved under the 9th Malaysia Plan.
2008 – The Health Ministry has approved a new Alor Gajah Hospital construction project at Jalan Paya Datuk Alor Gajah Melaka to replace the old Alor Gajah Hospital which has been in operation since 1906 (over 100 years).

Hospital Development

The new hospital was built under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) at a cost of RM110 million. The construction of a new hospital with a capacity of 78 beds starting September 5, 2008. The hospital has been equipped with a variety of facilities such as surgery hall, maternity hall, emergency treatment unit. Apart from that there are also additional units such as Forensic Unit, Sterile Materials Supplies Unit (Holy Pain), Intensive Care Unit and Isolation Ward. The hospital has worked to provide services using sophisticated and sophisticated equipment. The hospital is also the only hospital equipped with air conditioning in the ward.

On 18 February 2013 the hospital has commenced operations and was officially opened by YAB Datuk Seri Mohd Ali bin Mohd Rustam, Chief Minister of Malacca on 29 April 2013.

With these new units and to meet the urgent need, the number of beds has been increased from 78 to 95 bed units starting January 2016.


We promise to:

  • Serving with respect, courtesy and caring regardless of race, religion, age, gender or socio-economic customer.
  • Ensure waiting time in the Emergency and Trauma Department as follows:
    -100% cases in the red zone are seen instantly
    -100% of the case in the yellow zone is seen within 15 minutes or less.
  • Each patient will be treated professionally.
  • Providing efficient and safe service to customers
  • All information on illness and treatment and confidentiality and can only be informed to certain parties with the consent of the patient, subject to the law.
  • Provide a written acknowledgment in writing or e-mail to the complainant within one (1) working day after the complaint is received.
  • Ensure the patient’s medical report is completed within 28 working days (Main Hospitals) / 14 working days (District Hospital) from the date the complete application is received.
  • The waiting time for medicines at the Outpatient Pharmacy counter is within 30 minutes.

To implement the Hospital Alor Gajah effectively implement this charter, the customer is obliged to:

  • Comply with all relevant laws and regulations,
  • Maintain health and society by practicing a healthy way of life.
  • Use the facilities provided responsibly.