Towing Services In Bukit Road


Life is not cheerful if there is no challenge …… hopefully Towing Services In Bukit Road, can solve your problem …

Your car damage or breakdown anywhere in the entire of Bukit Road, Singapore…… do not panic use the Towing Services In Bukit Road directory that we provide to reduce your problem ….. may benefit all.

Imagine you and your family are on the way back to the village for this festive season. First of all, your car has gone off the speed, then the car is hitting and the engine is dead soon.

We connects you to trusted tow trucks companies. You decide where you want to tow your car to…

All details as below…

  1. Cyber Cars Prime Workshop

Service provided for each road side condition and definitely exceeded your expectations. If you need a reliable delayed service provider across Malaysia, you are in the right place ….

1. Cyber Cars Prime Workshop

25 Kaki Bukit Road 4, [email protected] #01-43/45,
Singapore 417800
+65 6341 6120 / +65 8511 4035
24 hours

Singapore’s one-stop service center for all your automotive needs!

The workshop is equipped with the latest vehicle diagnostic and workshop equipment from Europe and USA.Our team of expert technicians have a combined experience of more than 30 years in this field.

Services include basic oil change packages, Tyre, 3D wheel alignment, brake pad replacement, air-con servicing and even engine overhauls and trouble shooting.

Relax in our air-conditioned waiting area while your car is being serviced.

At Cyber Cars, we believe you deserve the best!