Towing Services In Bukit Batok


Life is not cheerful if there is no challenge …… hopefully Towing Services In Bukit Batok, can solve your problem …

Your car damage or breakdown anywhere in the entire of Bukit Batok, Singapore…… do not panic use the Towing Services In Bukit Batok directory that we provide to reduce your problem ….. may benefit all.

Imagine you and your family are on the way back to the village for this festive season. First of all, your car has gone off the speed, then the car is hitting and the engine is dead soon.

You might think that you will not need such a service. However, car towing service is as relevant as all the other forms of logistics services that are currently available in the market. Companies need the service to transport brand new cars, used cars, or cars that just need to be somewhere all at the same time as well as at the same place. For individuals, car breakdowns or moving to another city are possible, real life reasons which compel many people to search for logistics service providers that could do the moving for them.

We connects you to trusted tow trucks companies. You decide where you want to tow your car to…

All details as below…

  1. Kian Soon Towing Service

Service provided for each road side condition and definitely exceeded your expectations. If you need a reliable delayed service provider across Malaysia, you are in the right place ….

1. Kian Soon Towing Service

Blk 153 Bukit Batok St.11 #03-296 Singapore 650153
+65 6569 6609 / 9672 9382 / 9327 9159
24 hours


Established since 1984, Kian Soon’s expertise is the recovery, transportation and towing service Singapore for all road vehicles. Our fleet of 6 light tow trucks wrecker & heavy tow trucks weighting from 3 ton up to 26 tons can response swiftly to our customer’s needs and requirements. We are committed to deliver reliable and prompt services 24 hours and 365 days.

Our Towing Service Includes: