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BSN Bandar Baru Perda Islamic Banking
BSN Bandar Baru Perda Islamic Banking

Enjoy great saving with BSN…..Get the latest information at BSN Indahpura…

With the constant change in the economy, now is the time to save your future. Enjoy the benefits already available in entire Bank Simpanan Malaysia branches. Visit BSN Indahpura and get all the packages offered.

BSN has always believed in the wisdom of saving for a better future.

BSN mission is to build lifelong and meaningful relationships with his customers to ensure they continue to access a better life.

Our History

Our roots date back to the late 19th century when the first Savings Bank service opened in Perak and Selangor. These banks soon became part of the country’s Post Office Savings Bank network which grew to serve over 2.5 million depositors by 1974, with accumulated assets worth over RM537 million.

When BSN was officially established on 1st December 1974, the Bank Simpanan Nasional Act, 1974, enabled the transfer of the management power from the Postal Services Department to the bank’s Board of Directors. With that, BSN was officially launched on 5thDecember by YAB Tun Haji Abdul Razak Bin Hussein, the Second Prime Minister of Malaysia

BSN’s main objective has always been to encourage the development of savings and investment among Malaysians from all walks of life. Today, we continue on our quest by offering even more products and services that cater to the progressive needs of modern life. By doing so, we hope to provide every Malaysian an equal opportunity to enjoy a better life.

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No 28 & 29, Jalan Kenanga 29/1, Bandar Indahpura, 81000 Kulaijaya, Johor, Malaysia.


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As Malaysia’s first and longest-running bank, BSN try our best to actively promote the habit of savings and investments among Malaysians.

BSN extensive network of over 400 branches and over 5,000 EBB agents are spread all over Malaysia to serve customers of every race, profession and age.

From cities and towns to rural villages and even the most remote areas, BSN are there to help every Malaysian access a better financial future.

In BSN Indahpura, we promise to serve you better…“A better life within your reach”

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Client Charter

BSN is totally committed to providing you the high quality service and products that every Malaysian deserves. Our charter decrees that:

»Customers are our main priority.
»The services that we provide would satisfy our customers and continuously instill
confidence in our bank.
»The delivery of Products / Services which are consistent and of high quality.
»The information that we deliver are clear and sufficient.
»A safe and comfortable banking environment.

Career Opportunities with BSN

Since its establishment in 1974 and as a statutory body under the Ministry of Finance, we have consistently strived to provide Malaysians with the best in banking products and services. BSN is currently setting the stage for greater growth and development in all our business activities.

With a network of 376 branches nationwide, we are geared up to provide wide ranging products and services. As such, we would like to invite talented, creative and enthusiastic applicants with strong leadership qualities to be part of the energetic team.

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Features & Benefits

»BSN SSP savings is a unique savings product since 1978.
»BSN SSP is Shariah compliant product that offers chances to win prizes in BSN
SSP draws.
»BSN SSP is guaranteed by the Government.
»All prizes are exempted from income tax.
»Individuals aged 21 years and above who own BSN SSP (minimum amount
RM5,000) are eligible to apply for a BSN Al-Aiman Credit Card.
»Individuals aged 21 years and above who own BSN SSP (minimum amount) are
eligible for Personal Financing up to 95% of the total BSN SSP value.

Wherever you are in Malaysia, we are here to provide a full range of products to help give you financial freedom and put a better life within your reach.

BSN Logo

The BSN logo has been revitalized to better reflect our role and function in today’s Malaysia. While staying true to the original logo’s strength and equity, it has been evolved to feature a friendlier, more vibrant and contemporary look.


Our Name

A customised logotype has been created to provide a more stylish and progressive flair to the logo. The letters BSN have been retained in capital letters to signify solid strength and stability.

The Pohon Pitis 

The money tree symbol, which represents growth and wealth, is retained but modified with a modern graphic treatment. The number of coins on the tree has been increased from 13 to 14 coins to represent all of Malaysia’s states and federal territories. This shows that BSN serves every state and territory and everyone in the nation has easy access to the bank’s solutions.

Logo Colour  

Our logo colours have also been changed to a fresh teal and white to respectively symbolise trustworthiness and reliability.

Did you know….

The “pohon pitis” (coin tree) symbol which forms the main theme of the logo is an adaptation of the one made of tin metal bearing 13 coins issued by Sultan Muhammad IV of the State of Kelantan in 1903 when it was still a tributary state of Siam? On one side of the coin was inscribed “THURIBA FI ZUL-HIJJAH SANAT 1321”, i.e., struck in the month of Zul-hijjah 1903. On the reverse was featured “BELANJAAN KERAJAAN KELANTAN”, i.e., currency of the Government of Kelantan. The coin or “pitis”, which in local Kelantanese dialect means money, was one of the denominations in circulation in Kelantan until 1920.